Desert is a series of stages in Stick Ranger.


The Desert stages connect the Submarine stages with the second half of the Cavern series and first part of the Beach stages. The landscape in Desert 1-7 houses a single small pocket of water, so coming across it is relatively uncommon, as it is present approximately 25% percent of the time. The landscape in Desert 8, however, is much different from the other Desert stages, and it is similar to the Grassland series. The heat blur effect that is exclusive to the Desert makes vertical lines look wavy, affecting the appearance of all terrain, enemies, characters, and attacks. Some screens are generally flat while others include tall pyramids that may have a passageway through it.

Landscape for Desert 1-7
Landscape for Desert 8

List of Desert stages

There are currently eight Desert stages.


  • The existence of the Desert series was known nearly a year in advance, due to hackers discovering (very basic) coding indicating a "Desert 1" existed. The same is also true of the Seaside series, the Submarine series, and the Mist Grove series. See here for a video showcasing (Very rough alphas) of the stages.

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