A diode is a machine in the Powder Games to control the flowing of thunder-charged metal.


In reality, the diode is a small metal component, commonly used in electronics to allow single-direction flow to an electric current. It has an input (the positive) and an output (the negative), and its logic gate allows a current to flow from the positive to the negative, but not the other way.

In Powder Game, due to the respective properties of thunder and metal, along with the electric misguidance property of thunder-charged metal, it is possible to construct a machine that offers diode characteristics.

Basic Working - Grounded Diode


The diode in the game is basically comprised of electric misguidance logic, which means that a current must always take the circuit on the right of a bifurcated wiring point or continues forward, in the case of a metal dot that can keep the thunder on its current direction. The entering thunder particle travels ahead until the middle of the diode, where it has two ways to go. Then, by the electric misguidance, it chooses the circuit on its right, exiting the diode safely. Instead, if a thunder dot enters through the output, it continues forward from the middle, turning to the right, where its path ends at a glass grounding. The glass becomes charged, and the thunder disappears.

Diodes are very useful in keeping the safety in thunder ball generators, for example, where an opposite current can create instability, possibly crashing the core.

Basic Working - Escaping Diode


The only difference between the escaping and grounded diode is the destination of the thunder dot that enters the output, or the "wrong way" thunder particle. Instead of being grounded on a glass particle, the escaping diode leads this particle to an second output called "wrong", where it goes to an unspecified destination, however the player wants to send it.


Some dots in the images in both examples are unnecessary to the actual processing of the diode. Usually, wood and metal are added to avoid interference by mercury dots, such as other thunder dots above. The wood, when struck by an uncharged dot of thunder, can be blown back, which can help detect an error. Using wood and metal instead, bomb particles, which can be used as well, make it possible to melt or burn the equipment with magma, if the player wishes to make a destructible circuit.

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