Attempt to emit laser with less than 999 dots left

The dot limit in Powder Game, Earth Editor, and Powder Game 2 is the maximum amount of particles that can be on the screen at any given time. In the original Powder Game, there is a setting to control the maximum dot limit. This function sets the limit of particles available on the play field. It can be set using Dot S/M/L button.

  • S - maximum amount of dots is 20000 (default)
  • M - maximum amount of dots is 30000
  • L - maximum amount of dots is 40000 (this is the amount of dots on Powder Game 2 and Earth Editor)

The number next to the FPS indicator shows how many dots are left. If it is 999 or less, replicator elements won't work:

  • Clone and clone ball will stop cloning.
  • Trees will stop growing and creating seeds.
  • Vine will not grow.
  • Ants will stop tunneling.
  • Laser will not emit beam of its charged form.
  • Fireworks won't work (they will just explode as nothing).
  • Ball will not turn into dots after destruction.
  • Player will lose ability to use its attributes (except fan and bird, and ice and nitro in Powder Game 2). However, this will only happen if dots are entirely depleted.
  • Thunder-charged metal or mercury will no longer release it's thunder.
  • Liquid- or gas-charged pump will no longer release it's liquid or gas.

If the user attempts to type something with the text function, and the remaining amount of dots is insufficient to create this text, the game will only place the top part of the text from left to right, until the dot limit is reached. The same happens with copy and paste. The dot meter is capable of showing negative numbers on the original Powder Game if the dot limit is lowered to a limit lower than current amount of particles on the play field. This can be used to turn anti-gravity chambers "off", as lowering the dot limit under 1000 will result in clone being unable to replicate fire.


It is possible to hack the dot limits using a cheat engine and increase or decrease the dot limit. However, creations with an altered dot limit are unable to be uploaded.

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