Double msg

A Double message, also known as a copier or photo copier, is a type of Powder Game contraption that can duplicate any type or drawing created in the upper square, by filtering a message through a row of pen-s 0 slits to create two separate images. Generally, these images consist of a message made of a powder (often instructing the viewer to vote) encased in another powder to hold the image in place as it falls.

Double messages often get a medium to low amount of votes if uploaded, simply because they are fairly unoriginal and easy to make as uploads, unless combined with something else.

How to create a double message

  • First, create a Pen-S 1 block rectangle, where the shorter edges create the upper and lower edges.
  • In the center of the rectangle, scale in and create a dotted line with equal spaces (generally one pixel apart) with a solid element. Make sure this line spans the entire length of the square.
  • In stop mode, draw something with a powder element (Pen-S 3 or bigger is recommended for better resolution) above the dotted line. Try not to leave empty spaces.
  • Before pressing start, fill in the top half of the square and encase your message in a different powder element from the one just used. (otherwise your message will collapse after being duplicated)
  • Press start - your drawing will fall through the line and duplicate.
  • Note: if you want to make three messages, make the dotted line with a 2 pixel gap, and make another line below it. (make sure to offset the second line so it catches some of the falling powder)

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