A user drawing on draw pad

A Draw pad (however more commonly referred to as a Drawing pad) is a type of technology in Powder Game and Powder Game 2. It allows the user to draw on a "pad" of vine or wood using thunder, which will cause the semi-solids to cluster together. To erase the resulting drawing, the player must use ants. The pad must be saturated with a large quantity of "holes" to allow the thunder to be placed within it. These holes are often a product of massive ant activity in an enclosed space.

A variation of the semi-solid-based draw pad uses many small metal circuits placed in a grid pattern. When the player applies thunder to the draw pad, these circuits will become charged with said thunder, thus distinguishing themselves from uncharged circuits and creating the drawing. These circuits also often contain glass placed in such a way that when drawn on, the glass is not in direct contact with the thunder (which would destroy the glass) but is still illuminated.

As draw pads are relatively common among newer users and simple to produce, draw pads as standalone uploads generally gain a medium to low amount of votes. Because of this, draw pads are more common as part of a multi-upload in combination with other creations.

Instructions for creating a draw pad

  1. First, use block to draw a frame, preferably rectangular-shaped.
  2. Next, fill the frame with a semi-solid (wood or vine), leaving at least one hole for the ant to be placed.
  3. Place some ants on the semi-solid while the game is set to start mode, in order to fill the frame with the wood or vine, along with numerous holes to place the thunder.
  4. Finally, wait until most of ants disappear. One may clear any remaining ants, or simply ignore them if there are few.
  5. The draw pad is now complete, draw using thunder and erase what was previously drawn using ants.

How it works

Being a semi-solid, the wood or vine moves toward the thunder upon contact. This not only separates the semi-solid from the rest of the pad, but also causes it to cluster together, making it more visible. The ability for ant to erase the drawing is on account of the ant's burrowing power that resets it to the pad's original "ant-affected" state.

Example uploads

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