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A drink machine is a fairly common type of upload and technology in Powder Game and Powder Game 2, where various liquids (and occasionally even powders and some objects with the assistance of a gravitational force or a wind generator such as fan) are dispensed from block and C-4 or fuse containers, and generally into some form of container, by igniting the fuse, thus releasing the liquid contained within the container.

Some uploaders also use wheels instead of simple fuses to dispense elements, allowing some of these creations to even dispense semi-solids such as wood. In these uploads, the player is generally required to drag a wheel, which in turn moves the semi-solid, thus dispensing the drinks.

Drink machines are often of very low quality, being quite easy to produce, and therefor highly popular among newer users. Despite this, drink machines are very favorable uploads towards most viewers and can often gain many votes, despite being widely considered to be highly unoriginal and simple upload types.

Common mistakes

Some uploaders may include Nitro as a selectable liquid, which combusts when the fuse ignites if certain precautions are not taken. Users may also apply excessive amounts of C-4, which causes large amounts of wind to be produced within the playing field, which may prevent the liquid from reaching the container or even destroy the upload itself. Users can also place Acid in their drink machine, which will melt through their fuse containers unless certain precautions are in place. Some uploaders even use virus as one of the possible drink selections, so if virus is used as the last drink to be added, the whole drink or even the container will be ruined.

Drink Machine

Drink Machine by RED omega III that works by lighting the C-4.

Element usage

Certain elements are generally made to represent certain real-life beverages. The most common representations are listed as follows:

Element Use
Powder Sherbet
Water Water
Seed Soda (Ginger ale)
Gunpowder (Hot) Chocolate
Ice Milk
Superball Pink lemonade
Fireworks Drink crystals
Oil Soda, Coffee, Hot chocolate
C-4 Container, button, opening
Magma Tang, orange juice
Virus Grape juice
Nitro Soda
Ant Grape juice or grape soda
Torch Container
Gas Carbonation (fizz)
Soapy Cream, Milk
Thunder Button
Metal Container
Acid Mountain Dew or Green Tea
Salt Sugar
Drag Mixing
Wheel Mixing, opening


Ice Cube

Mercury Seltzer, Sprite, 7-Up

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