Earth Editor is a Dan-Ball app game released in 4 September, 2015. It is basically a implementation of the Earth Editor web game into mobile systems.


This game has essentially the same controls as the PC version, with screen taps taking over mouse clicks/keyboard buttons.

Options are sorted into the System tab, the Setting tab and the Elements tab.



Elements tab

  • Clear - gets rid of matter

Settings tab

  • Type - Changes way of adding a dot:
    • Zero - dots don't have initial speed
    • Random - dots are randomly flying in all directions
    • Shot - allows to chose trajectory of dots
    • Line - Draws straight lines going in any direction
  • Size - controls how many dots will be added
  • Play - allows you to change the speed of game to x1, x2, x4, x8 or pause the game.
  • BG - allows to choose background effect
    • non - dots leave no trail.
    • short - dots leave short trail, similar to blur in Powder Game.
    • long - dots leave long trail.
    • shade - dots leave a shaded trail, similar to shade in Powder Game.
  • Side - a setting that allows for dots to pass through the edge of the screen
    • off - by default, dots will be gone when approaching the edge
    • on - dots will rebound when approaching the edge
    • loop - just like Powder Game, dots will appear on the other side

System tab

  • Save-Load - temporary saving and loading.
  • Reset - clears play field.
  • Screenshot - saves the image of the current state to the device's photo album.


iOS version

  • Earth Editor (AG) ver1.2.1 - 23/04/16
    • Bug Fix.
  • Earth Editor (AG) ver1.2 - 19/02/16
    • Facebook and Twitter functions added.
  • Earth Editor (AG) ver1.1 - 27/11/15
    • Screenshot function addition.
  • Earth Editor (AG) ver1.0.2 - 03/11/15
    • Bug Fix. iOS9 support.
  • Earth Editor (AG) ver1.0.1 - 03/10/15
    • Bug Fix.
  • Earth Editor (AG) ver1.0 - 18/09/15
    • Game creation.

Android version

  • Earth Editor (AG) ver1.2 - 26/02/16
    • Facebook and Twitter functions added.
  • Earth Editor (AG) ver1.1 - 13/11/15
    • Screenshot function addition.
  • Earth Editor (AG) ver1.0 - 04/09/15
    • Game creation.

Kindle version

  • Earth Editor (AG) ver1.2 - 04/03/16
    • Facebook and Twitter functions added.
  • Earth Editor (AG) ver1.1 - 20/11/15
    • Screenshot function addition.
  • Earth Editor (AG) ver1.0 - 11/09/15
    • Game creation.

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