The following list provides a complete timeline of every Earth Editor update, including the version number, the date and the features which were implemented or changed.

Version Date Thumbnail New features and changes Blog[1]
2.7 08/07/2016 EE ver2.7 Optimization. (60 FPS, Font) jp/en
2.6 12/06/2015 EE ver2.6 HTML5 support. jp/en
2.5 14/01/2011 EE ver2.5 Pen-line addition. jp/en
2.4 03/12/2010 EE ver2.4 Clone addition. Bug fix. (Seed) jp/en
2.3 12/11/2010 EE ver2.3 Bomb addition. Bug fix. (Side-on) jp/en
2.2 15/10/2010 EE ver2.2 Side addition. jp/en
2.1 17/09/2010 EE ver2.1 Oil addition. jp/en
2.0 20/08/2010 EE ver2.0 Lava addition. jp/en
1.9 23/07/2010 EE ver1.9 BG-shade addition. Bug fix. (Pen-shot) jp/en
1.8 18/06/2010 EE ver1.8 Cloud addition. jp/en
1.7 27/06/2008 EE ver1.7 Ice addition. Speed addition. jp/en
1.6 06/06/2008 EE ver1.6 Fire addition. Black hole colour changed. jp/en
1.5 23/05/2008 EE ver1.5 White hole addition. Start/Stop addition. jp/en
1.4 16/05/2008 EE ver1.4 Black hole addition. Pen-shot algorithm changed. jp/en
1.3 02/05/2008 EE ver1.3 Salt addition. jp/en
1.2 25/04/2008 EE ver1.2 Seed addition. Pen addition. jp/en
1.1 11/04/2008 EE ver1.1 Wall addition. Save/Load addition. Fire renamed as Meteor. jp/en
1.0 04/04/2008 EE ver1.0 Game creation. jp/en
  1. The original blog is written in Japanese. A link to an automatic translation into English by Google is also available.

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