In the Powder Games, electric misguidance is the logic that comprises the natural behavior of thunder particles when flowing through a conductive element.


The electric misguidance in Powder Game is based on three logic situations that happen when a thunder dot reaches an intersection with at most three directions:

  1. The thunder dot continues forward in the same direction of which it is traveling.
  2. The thunder dot cannot continue forward, and must turn in either direction.
  3. The thunder dot has a single choice in direction.

Thunder is programmed to follow these cases in order whenever given a choice in direction.

In the first case, the thunder does not change direction, and thus moves straight​. So, if a thunder dot can keep going ahead through a conductive element, it will not turn left or right from its original direction.

In the second case, the thunder will always turn right, or clockwise, whenever given the opportunity. So, if a thunder dot doesn't have a conductive element in front of it, but has two perpendicular choices, it will turn to the direction on its right.

In the third case, the thunder will choose the direction of the wire, no matter how it is oriented in relation to the thunder's path. If the direction of the wire is to the thunder's right, it's called Electric Misguidance Sustained, but, if it is to the left, it's called Forced Current or Forced Turn.

There is actually a fourth case that is not mentioned above because it isn't included in this type of logic. If the thunder dot has zero choices, where the wire simply results in a dead-end, the thunder exits the circuit and becomes uncharged. In some cases when facing up, and rare cases when facing horizontally, the thunder will reverse direction and travel in the opposite direction. This only happens in the original Powder Game, as Powder Game 2's physics allows uncharged thunder's movement to be dependent on the direction of which it exited. If a non-conductive element takes up the exiting space, the thunder will disappear, even in situations where it would otherwise reverse direction.

Similarities to pump logic

In Powder Game 1, elements charged in pump follows the same rules as thunder does when in a conductive element, except in the second aforementioned case, the choice is random. However, such rules for pump in Powder Game 2 are exactly the same.

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