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An Electric motor is a type of technology in Powder Game an Powder Game 2. The purpose of any electric motor is to mimic a real-life motor by using several moving parts, powered by thunder. They usually made using a wheel as one of many moving parts, however this movement can be substituted by an illusion, such as thunder moving in a circular circuit to simulate rotation.

Less complex electric motors are often uploaded in combination with other creations and/or technologies together in a multi-upload, as simple electric motors as standalone uploads generally gain only a medium to low amount of votes. However, if a motor is made to include many visually-pleasing parts, and is generally made to a higher standard of quality, it is capable of gaining a larger amount of votes.

Wheel motor

Wheel motors are quite simple in theory: thunder passes through the wheel, thus turning it. This can be accomplished many ways, only two of which shall be explained. The first method is to have the thunder drop from above the wheel, pass through it to one side, and be collected by a wire of metal or mercury, or be stopped by a wall of any non-reactive element, preferably a solid. The second method is slightly more complex and far more rare. A pen-s 1 (typically, but not always) wall is placed in an L shape around the wheel's axis so that each end is past the end of the wheel, and then filled with metal. One end of the L shape is closed, and filled three dots down, one in, with torch or another non-conductive material up against the end. The other end has an entering wire where thunder is placed to move the wheel.


A useful example of wheel motors can be seen here by RCA Production, one of the only users to make wheel motors in this style.

Illusion motor

Unlike wheel-based motors, illusion motors are unable to preform any kind of actual tasks. Instead, the simply serve a decorative purpose. Illusion motors are usually comprised of metal, glass, and a single dot of thunder. They generally give the appearance of moving parts, belts, gear, or axles. As the thunder moves through the metal, it lights the glass, which is often shaped as certain part.

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