Comparing the FPS of an empty screen and one with 40000 particles of powder and speed set to x8. The FPS is at the bottom left of each screen.

The FPS indicator is the indicator that shows how many frames per second are displayed in Powder Game, Powder Game 2 and Powder Game (AG). The FPS indicator is displayed at the lower left corner of Powder Game. It will show a number with the letters "fps" on the right of the number, e.g. "40fps". The normal FPS is 50 for Powder Game, 40 for Powder Game 2 and 60 for Powder Game Viewer. In Powder Game version 7.2 the lagging problems before ver 7.2 was fixed so the fps remains normal. The FPS is also, like most applications, affected by the speed of one's computer.

Reducing FPS

The FPS can be reduced by the following factors:

  • Adding particles on the screen. Moving elements such as laser, gas, and especially bird can drastically reduce the FPS.
  • Adding special objects on the screen (e.g. wheels, boxes).
  • Using a graphical BG (e.g. BG-aura, BG-shade).
  • Using a high speed setting.
  • Having side on.
  • Using a high grid setting.

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