Different elements in Powder Game fall at different speeds. Most of the elements in each state of matter fall at about the same speed, but a few fall much faster or slower.


Powders generally fall slower than other elements.

Order of the implementation of elements Element Fall speed in px/frame (terminal velocity)
1 Powder 0.2*
2 Seed 0.12*
3 Gunpowder 0.32*
4 Snow 0.16*
5 Superball 2.5
6 Fireworks 0.5*
7 Stone 1.5*
8 Virus 0.17*
9 Bomb 0.23*
10 Salt 0.24*
11 Spark Varies


Due to their terminal velocity values being greater than 1, superball and stone have the ability to go through one pixel of an element. Superball even has a chance to go through a two-pixel wide block of an element.


Liquid elements are generally faster falling elements. However some speed is lost to moving left and right. This means that for the highest speed possible (terminal velocity), the player may need to trap it, forcing the liquid to only travel downwards. An example would be putting 1 dot of acid in between a straight tunnel of glass going down. The acid will reach a higher speed before hitting the ground.

Order of the implementation of elements Element Fall speed in px/frame (terminal velocity)
1 Water 0.55*
2 Oil 0.58*
3 Magma 0.85*
4 Nitro 0.5*
5 Ant 0.35*
6 Soapy 0.53*
7 Acid 0.77*
8 Seawater 0.45*
9 Mercury 0.55*


Ant is included as a liquid because, despite being a living powder, it still falls similar to a liquid, and is the only living powder that is affected by gravity.


Gas elements are different than other elements, in which they either float up or stay in place instead of fall down as long as there aren't any forces (other than gravity) acting upon them. Because of this, their fall speed will be negative or zero, respectively.

Order of the implementation of elements Element Fall speed in px/frame (terminal velocity)
1 Fire 0
2 Steam 0
3 Gas -0.04*
4 Cloud




  • Laser does not move. It appears to because of its property. However, the beam itself moves at about twice the speed of superball.
  • Thunder falls at 1 px/frame when going downward because it always takes one frame for it to move one pixel no matter which direction it goes.


  • Needless to say, solids do not have any fall speed. However, semi-solids (wood and vine) can be dragged.

Living powders

  • Bird is the only living powder that is unaffected by gravity. For the other that is, see ant above.

Terminal velocity

When something falls, it starts out at one speed, then accelerates downward. However, at a certain speed, it reaches its maximum speed, (in real life this is due to an equilibrium between the forces of gravity and air resistance) known as terminal velocity, as when it reaches this speed, its acceleration terminates.