State of Matter
Special properties
Produces Wind, Allows matter to pass through.
Relative joint weight
Version implemented

Fan is the second element in Powder Game 2.


  • Constantly produces Wind.
  • Since ver3.8, the direction in which fan produces wind is selectable by clicking the Fan button repeatedly. These selectable angles are multiples of 45° in the range 0° to 360° with 0° pointing to the right and other angles measured anticlockwise from it.
  • Fan allows elements and objects to pass through it.
  • When fan is selected with another element that displays a cursor such as laser or wind, it will cause two pens to be shown on the game screen. One never rotates, and exists to show the direction in which the fan is currently set. The second one acts as the standard game cursor. Regardless of which button is left- or right-clicked, the former will always appear above the latter. When fan is selected without one of these other elements, only the fixed cursor is shown.

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