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A fan-ball engine is a very simple type of machine in Powder Game and Powder Game 2 which uses several fan-balls surrounded by any solid other than ice. The purpose of a fan-ball engine is simply to produce large amounts of wind in a short time period, where fan as an element would generally consume too many dots or produce wind in a set direction. Fan-ball engines can easily and quickly produce enough wind to transform stone into powder. How it does this, is by using a unique property of the fan-charged ball. When a fan-ball collides with other elements and/or objects, it produces wind at several angles. Using several fan-balls constantly moving and impacting one another can create very powerful winds.

While very powerful, there is little to no practical use to for a fan-ball engine, as it erratically produces wind in all directions, though this can be controlled to some extent by surrounding the balls with block or other non-reactive solids. Due to the rapid movement and creation of wind from the fan balls, it is recommended to seal them tightly, as they may "glitch" out of their surroundings.

Fan-ball engines as standalone uploads generally receive few votes, due to their simplicity and how easily they can be constructed. It is therefor recommended to use the engine as part of a decoration or multi-upload, in combination with another, larger creation.

Creating fan-ball engines

  1. Press STOP.
  2. Place as many fan-charged balls as desired in the area in which the engine will be created.
  3. Surround them with any solid except Ice, making a sort of cage for the balls.
  4. Fill the area inside the cage with any liquid except nitro or soapy, that will not react with the solid used in the previous step (note: this step is optional, but will result in more wind being produced).
  5. Press START.

The fan-charged balls react with the liquid, each other, and their container producing wind. The solid is in place to contain the balls and prevent the balls from bouncing around the whole screen (balls can travel through thin elements, so a thick layer is recommended). To reduce the possibility of bugs, the interior of the container should be larger than the fan-balls themselves, and the solid should be at least pen-s 2 thick.

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