A Feeding upload is the general name given to an upload on Powder Game or Powder Game 2 that instructs the viewer to "feed" some form of pixel art creature in the upload. These uploads often consist of some form of a container (normally made of block) filled with any kind of draggable powder, liquid, or living powder. Near the container is often found some form of large pixel art creature with a gap in the mouth and throat for the "food." At the bottom of this gap is generally a substance to dissolve or otherwise destroy the "food" such as acid, magma, or simply a hole in the block border for the substance to fall through.

Feed Him

"FEED HIM" by Exceed_S

In these uploads, the viewer is instructed to drag the "food" element through the gap in the creature, to then be dissolved and "digested" by another element. These uploads often get a low to medium amount of votes depending on how complex the upload is.

A variation of this is to use a large amount of fan inside the gap to effectively "suck up" a large volume of elements or objects.

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