State of Matter
Special properties
When activated, creates 8 dots of what the F-work dot is charged with
Relative joint weight
Version implemented

Fireworks (as F-Works in game) is an element in Powder Game 2.


Standard action of a single Fireworks particle (charged with Powder) being activated by Torch while gravity is on.


  • Fireworks are detonated by fire, lava, torch, thunder, laser or spark, where it flies in a direction opposite to the gravitation force acting on it, then explodes as 8 dots of the pre-chosen element in a circular fashion. The element that explodes from it can be chosen by left-clicking on fireworks and right-clicking on the desired element (or vice versa).
  • Ice fireworks explode as snow.
  • Torch fireworks explode as fire.
  • Nitro fireworks explode as fire while also producing wind.
  • Fan, clone, C-4, thunder, metal, vine, glass, fuse, pump, crystal and fireworks itself cannot be used as the pre-chosen element in fireworks. In these cases the fireworks dot explodes as powder.
  • Soapy fireworks may explode as joined soapy.
  • Cloned fireworks and fireworks infected by virus explode as whatever left-clicking produces (or other elements if the left-click element is one of the unusable element)

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