State of Matter
Fish is flammable
Special properties
Fish changes colour and moves about certain liquids in which it comes in contact with
Relative joint weight
Version implemented

Fish is an element in Powder Game 2.


PG2 Fishes

This picture shows all the types of charged fish possible in PG2 as of ver4.5

PG2 Fishes Inv

The same picture as above, but with inverted colors. Looking at both pictures, it's easy to see that the color of the fish are the opposite of their charger liquid.

  • Fish is ignited by fire, torch, laser, lava, thunder and spark.
  • When placed in liquids except for lava and mercury, it will change color and "swim" through its own liquid like a living powder and is said to be charged.
    • The "swimming" motion is the same as bird's but in liquid, with the fish clumping together in schools instead of flocks.
    • Fish tend to avoid any elements other than that with which they are charged when swimming.
  • The color of a fish is determined by the liquid it's charged by, and is always the inverted color of that liquid. Fish is yellow in water, cyan in oil and mud, lavender in nitro, black in soapy, orange in seawater and indigo in acid. In addition, charged fish will turn other liquids into the charged liquid.
    • Although fish can be acid-charged, they are still melted by acid.
    • Fish cannot be lava-charged because they burn up immediately upon contact.
    • Fish cannot be mercury-charged.
  • Fish is always cloned and loaded as its uncharged form. It is also discharged when infected by virus.
  • Like seed and ant, fish is destroyed by bird.
  • All balls except fish balls can pass through fish.

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