This article is about the Powder Game technology. For the Powder Game element with the same name, see Fuse (Powder Game element).

A fuse is a contraption that can connect a lighter element to a flammable/combustible element. A well-known fuse is C-4, and a very basic diagram of a fuse is magma/fire-C-4-Nitro. The magma/fire ignites the C-4, and when the exploding C-4 reaches the nitro, it will explode, too.

Fast enough superballs can be used to ignite nitro buttons (an amount of nitro surrounded by C-4) and light it. In this contraption, there isn't a real "fuse", so the superball is the element carrying the potential to make something explode, like the C-4 in the basic fuse contraptions. In this case, the superball is called a "Moving Fuse".

Most fuses can be set off with any lighter element. Bomb cannot be used to ignite a fuse, as it cannot set off any basic fuse to explode.

Other types of fuse

  • In the upload HELP JAMES BOND!! by krickit, tunnel made from block and filled with powder was used as fuse.
  • An arbitrary shaped tunnel of block can be used as a "magma fuse" by completely sealing it off with metal, stone, or glass. Add magma, and let it melt through.
  • Fuse can also be used as a fuse, but only for elements that spark ignites. However, fuse can only be used once.
  • Some fuses use Virus to turn a non-reactive element into a lighter element.
  • Wood can be used as a fuse upon contact with Torch.
  • A lighter element can also be blown to a flammable element by fan to act as a fuse.

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