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Welcome to gamelover101's SR guide! Here, I'll be posting stuff about Stick Ranger. This guide, unlike most guides, it is intended to average players and will only have basic stuff (no COMPLEX builds, no challenge teams, etc). This guide is incomplete in the sense that it doesn't explain the interface to absolute beginners, and is suitable for those who are simply stuck and/or want tips for the game. If you want to discuss something, leave a message on the talk page! Happy fighting! :)

The Guide: Navigation and stuff like that

Stick Ranger is a simple Java RPG game. It's lightweight, completely web-based, and only needs a basic Java plugin to work! Java can be downloaded here for free. Gameplay is simple. Just kill those creeps!

There are many types of enemies too, with different heads and species. They are found in stages, that are further divided into levels. To complete a stage, you must conquer it's boss at the last level (the other levels can be skipped). As you do so, you will level up, get new weapons, and eventually finish the game.

This guide is divided into 3 main parts. Some haven't been started yet, but the planned ones are below:

  • Tips n' Tricks to Teh Stages: Stage help. What to do if you're stuck.
  • Weapon/Compo Overview: A few suggestions on how to use weapons. This is a general topic, and is NOT listed as builds. Proposed.
  • Miscellaneous Tips: Self explanitory. Proposed.

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