~-0.04 px/frame (falls up)
No, however in large amounts, the high air pressure generated from burned gas can be considered an explosion.
Reacts only to burn.
Special properties
Falls up, particles of it will spread apart from each other.
In isolation, no, but if particles of it touch one another, they will spread apart.

This article is about the Powder Game element. For the state of matter with the same name, see Gas (state of matter).

Gas is a flammable Powder Game element.


  • It is flammable - any lighter element will burn it. The fire generated by burned gas can be within several pixels of it, far enough to go through two block walls, or 11 pixels and ignite things on the other side.
  • For every dot of gas burned, an average of four dots of fire appear.
  • It usually floats upwards but it is extremely sensitive to wind.
  • Gas is, very flammable, and even considered combustible, so it is used often in Flamethrower uploads because of the large amount of fire particles it creates when burned.
  • Gas reacts with Acid at a 20:1 ratio - along with spark, powder, seed, salt, and Ant; these mentioned elements are the highest.
  • Gas appears on BG-TG as around the same temperature as a player.
Gas gif

A player jumping on individual particles of gas.


  • Players can use this as an alternate platform by jumping on gas dots.
  • Useful for making large fires.
  • It can be used as exhaust from things like cars or fireplaces in player houses.
  • Gas can be useful in pixel arts as a light-pink colour.