experience gain from enemy
player level EXP
Green Big Gel Bouncer
60- 1
61 60
62 120
63 180
64 240
65 300
66 360
67 420
68 480
69 540
70 600
71 540
72 480
73 420
74 360
75 300
76 240
77 180
78 120
79 60
80+ 1
Green Big Gel Bouncer Green Big Gel Bouncer
Location: Forest 4
LP: 30000
AT: Pellet:1-1 (0.8s)(=40)
Spawning Green Gel Bouncers
Minimum AGI: Pellet:100
Spawning: N/A
Expected AGI: Pellet:145.59
Spawning: N/A
Range: Pellet:180
Spawning: 500
Strength: Poison (Immune)
Weakness: Fire (AT +50%)
LV: 70
EXP: 600
Gold ($): 500
Drops: Black Stone 6 (1.25%)
Species: Bouncer
Head: Gel
Attack: GreenBigGelBouncerPellet Green Gel Bouncer
Head colour: #5AFE29
Body colour: #2A5B00
Movement: jumping
Note: This enemy has a 10% chance to spawn Green Gel Bouncers when provoked and is spawned by the Green Boss Gel Bouncer.


This enemy fires a poisonous pellet in an arc and spawns Green Gel Bouncers when provoked. Fire type weapons are effective in taking these enemies and their spawnlings down, as long as the spawning avalanche keeps a safe distance from the characters. The Magician's Big Icicle 4 is extremely effective too, for they freeze up most enemies and also delays spawning. A Boxer with a weapon containing a Vampire's Card 4 and an ONIGIRI's Card can also take out all of the enemies as damage is negated and restored almost every time.


  • This is the only enemy to be spawned that can spawn another enemy.
  • This is one of only two enemies that is spawned from a boss. The other is the Yellow Roundhead Dragon from Mist Grove 2.

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