experience gain from enemy
player level EXP
Green Big Smiley Walker
1 100
2 200
3 300
4 400
5 500
6 600
7 700
8 800
9 900
10 1000
11 900
12 800
13 700
14 600
15 500
16 400
17 300
18 200
19 100
20+ 1
Green Big Smiley Walker Green Big Smiley Walker
Location: Hill Country 1
LP: 900
AT: 10-20
Minimum AGI: 50
Expected AGI: 81.03
Range: 40
Strength: none
Weakness: none
LV: 10
EXP: 1000
Gold ($): 30
Drops: Onigiri (100%)
Poison Charm 1 (5%)
Species: Walker
Head: Smiley
Attack: Red Huge Two Arrow
Head colour: #659800
Body colour: #996633
Movement: walking


Players should take this enemy down from range, as it has more range than melees. It is scattered throughout the whole of Hill Country 1, but it is surprisingly absent from the Boss section. Although the damage it deals is quite high, which can be deadly for weaker Boxers, taking it down from a range can result in large Onigiri drops, constituting a large increase in health, gaining EXP, all at taking a minimum amount of damage. Ice type weapons, if available, will also help the melees attack it without too much damage. A Sniper's Poison Arrow 1 also works well. This is the first regular enemy to have more LP then the OS boss and the first to have a chance of dropping two Onigiris at once.

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