experience gain from enemy
player level EXP
Green Boss Cap Tree
78- 1
79 900
80 1800
81 2700
82 3600
83 4500
84 5400
85 6300
86 7200
87 8100
88 9000
89 8100
90 7200
91 6300
92 5400
93 4500
94 3600
95 2700
96 1800
97 900
98+ 1
Green Boss Cap Tree Green Boss Cap Tree
Location: Cavern 7
LP: 240000
AT: 8-9 ×30
Minimum AGI: 100
Expected AGI: 118.34
Range: 500
Strength: Freeze (Time -100%)
Weakness: none
LV: 88
EXP: 9000
Gold ($): 5000
Drops: Lightning 7 (33.33%)
Thunder Morning Star 7 (33.33%)
Yellow Crystal 7 (20%)
Species: Tree
Head: Cap
Attack: GreenBossCapTreeAT
Head colour: #CBFE32
Body colour: #999933
Movement: no movement


This enemy spews thirty projectiles rapidly in an arc directly towards characters. They deal semi low damage, but come so rapidly, they can easily wear characters down and eliminate them. They are also of the Thunder type. This boss is somewhat similar to the Pink Boss Roundhead Tree from Snowfield 9, only not alone (as there are two Orange Diamond Bats in the screen alongside it), and one must contend with vision obscuring darkness and tighter quarters when battling this boss. However, similar strategies can be applied here.

The best way to beat this boss is to be aggressive with melee characters and get in its face with the Dodge Strategy. Since the boss cannot change its aim between projectiles until after it has fired 30 of them, unlike the Pink Boss Roundhead Tree, melee characters don't have to move away as fast to avoid projectiles and those that hit them will only do 8 to 9 damage unlike the 50-60 from the Pink Boss Roundhead Tree.

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