experience gain from enemy
player level EXP
Green Boss Skull Snake
1 60
2 80
3 100
4 120
5 140
6 160
7 180
8 200
9 180
10 160
11 140
12 120
13 100
14 80
15 60
16 40
17 20
18+ 1
Green Boss Skull Snake Green Boss Skull Snake
Location: Grassland 1
LP: 200
AT: 8-12
Minimum AGI: 50
Expected AGI: 95.59
Range: 40
Strength: Freeze (Time -80%)
Weakness: none
LV: 8
EXP: 200
Gold ($): 30
Drops: Thunder Glove 1 (6.67%)
Quick's Card 1 (2%)
Species: Snake
Head: Skull
Attack: White Big One Arrow
Head colour: #32CB32
Body colour: #329832
Movement: jumping


While this might not seem like a strong boss, it appears in a cluster of 12 at the end of Grassland 1, making it difficult for players because their characters can easily get mobbed, should they not be able to kill these bosses fast enough. A Sniper's Poison Arrow 1 and a Magician's Ice 1 is effective in eliminating this boss. It will appear with 6 Green Skull Snakes. Fire and Ice attacks work very well against the boss. The lure strategy also works well. This would be a stage where the characters' Auto move should be off so they are not ambushed quickly. At that point, ranged characters can clean them out one at a time, and let melees finish off the rest of the boss' LP. Once there are few left would be the chance to turn the Auto move back on again, as the damage intake will not be extreme.


  • This boss has the lowest LP of any boss in the game.

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