experience gain from enemy
player level EXP
Green Cap Mushroom
6- 1
7 15
8 30
9 45
10 60
11 75
12 90
13 105
14 120
15 135
16 150
17 135
18 120
19 105
20 90
21 75
22 60
23 45
24 30
25 15
26+ 1
Green Cap Mushroom Green Cap Mushroom
Location: Forest 1
LP: 260
AT: 1-1 (0.2s) (=10)
Minimum AGI: 10
Expected AGI: 10
Range: 500
Strength: Poison (Immune)
Weakness: none
LV: 16
EXP: 150
Gold ($): 80
Drops: Volcano 2 (2.5%)
Green Stone 2 (1.25%)
Species: Mushroom
Head: Cap
Attack: Stick Ranger Poison Attack
Head colour: #326500
Body colour: #999999
Movement: no movement


The Green Cap Mushroom is the first enemy of the Mushroom species. It has a poison attack which can reach nearby characters, but is also unable to move, similar to Trees. It is the little cousin of the Green Boss Cap Mushroom. It has a immunity to Poison, meaning it is the first enemy with a strength to anything (excluding the obvious Boss's Freeze immunity). Unlike most enemies, the Green Cap Mushroom only attacks when it is attacked. It is quite dangerous to melee fighters, especially Boxers, and should be attacked from a distance, but can be defeated by a Gladiator or Whipper if the player pays attention to them. Due to it's "infinite" range, however, if a character is dangled any distance directly above it, it will fire upwards at a target out of its actual range (20), even when a melee character is busy swinging away at it, greatly reducing it's threat level for melees. A ranged character can be dangled above it so the melee(s) attacking it does not get harmed, thus increasing damage output for the team, since ranged characters usually do not deal more damage than melees do. Freeze type weapons will also work against it, especially the Magician's Freeze 2, as the time it takes will help melees somewhat before this enemy immediately attacks again after the Freeze time expires.

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