experience gain from enemy
player level EXP
Green Smiley Snake
1 15
2 30
3 45
4 60
5 75
6 90
7 105
8 120
9 135
10 150
11 135
12 120
13 105
14 90
15 75
16 60
17 45
18 30
19 15
20+ 1
Green Smiley Snake Green Smiley Snake
Location: Grassland 3
LP: 200
AT: 8-12
Minimum AGI: 50
Expected AGI: 95.59
Range: 40
Strength: none
Weakness: none
LV: 10
EXP: 150
Gold ($): 40
Drops: Sapphire 1 (1.25%)
Species: Snake
Head: Smiley
Attack: White One Arrow
Head colour: #659800
Body colour: #656500
Movement: jumping


The Green Smiley Snake's AT is high, and it is fast, but is not as much of a threat when composed of singles or doubles. Normally, melee characters cannot attack the other flying enemies in the stage, so this enemy is their best target for the stage as ranged characters are usually attacking the flying enemies in the stage. Using the Whipper can work well against it, but can take some damage. A Boxer with a Thunder Glove 1 or a Gladiator with a Fire or Thunder Sword 1 works extremely well against it, as well. Slowing this enemy down with a Magician's Ice 1 will help melees land hits and possibly defeat it without any damage taken. Surprisingly, the Green Smiley Snake has almost the same stats as the Green Boss Skull Snake: both have 200 LP, 40 range and 8-12 damage. The only difference is EXP and gold, which are lower and higher, respectively.

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