experience gain from enemy
player level EXP
Grey Big Box Snake
63- 1
64 120
65 240
66 360
67 480
68 600
69 720
70 840
71 960
72 1080
73 1200
74 1080
75 960
76 840
77 720
78 600
79 480
80 360
81 240
82 120
83+ 1
Grey Big Box Snake Grey Big Box Snake
Location: Forest 6
LP: 8000
AT: Laser: 0-0
Laser residue: 1-9999
Minimum AGI: 150
Expected AGI: 168.34
Range: 500
Strength: Physical (AT -99999)
Thunder (AT =1)
Fire (AT =1)
Ice (AT =1, Slow immune)
Poison (Immune)
Freeze (Time -100%)
Weakness: none
LV: 73
EXP: 1200
Gold ($): 7000
Drops: Frozen Blade 6 (10%)
Thunder Orb 6 (10%)
Pierce Homing 6 (10%)
Species: Snake
Head: Box
Attack: GreyBigBoxSnakeLaser GreyBigBoxSnakeBigLaser
Head colour: #3F3F3F
Body colour: #CBCB00
Movement: jumping


This enemy shoots a harmless laser beam which flies in an arc. When it makes contact with the terrain, it then produces a huge vertical laser that cuts through the entire screen, pierces through all characters, and deals random Thunder damage, from pathetically weak to completely impossible to survive, even with most hacks. Because of the extremely large range of attack power, there is a very small chance of survival for each character. Generally, the attack kills characters immediately, causing insta-game overs if all characters are close together. Strategies such as dodging the laser, spreading characters apart, or equipping at least Black Crystal 5s are highly recommended.

This enemy is also almost completely immune to every type of attack in the game, save for Freeze, which does normal damage. However, to leviate this, they have semi-low health for such a large enemy. Using Freeze type weapons is highly recommended to bring them down. If such weapons are not available, a rapid damaging weapon can be used instead, such as weapons that create lots of projectiles such as the Whipper's Thorn Flail 6, a weapon with low AGI such the Boxer's Mach Claw 5 or Sonic Claw 6, if the latter is found in the stage, and/or any Fire type weapon. Killing this enemy is a must, but since the Tan Box Bats in the stage can obscure the view of the initial beam and the Green Box Bouncers can be a nuisance with its constant attack spam, this makes destroying this enemy much tougher to do.


  • This enemy can deal the highest amount of damage in the game as well as having the largest AT range in the game, from 1 damage to 9999.
    • In addition, this is the second enemy that can do over 1000 direct damage to any character, excluding enemies that can deal over the amount from the defense reduction by Berserk Cards. The other is the Hell Castle Boss, who has an attack that always hits for 9999 damage.
  • Before ver13.8, the initial laser did not last long, and sometimes it disappears before it lands and produced the large laser. This was changed in ver13.8, where the small laser can last longer so the large laser can always appear.