experience gain from enemy
player level EXP
Grey Boss Box Walker
32- 1
33 300
34 600
35 900
36 1200
37 1500
38 1800
39 2100
40 2400
41 2700
42 3000
43 2700
44 2400
45 2100
46 1800
47 1500
48 1200
49 900
50 600
51 300
52+ 1
Grey Boss Box Walker Grey Boss Box Walker (D1)
Location: Desert 1
LP: 15000
AT: 1-1
Minimum AGI: 5
Expected AGI: 5
Range: 250
Strength: Physical (AT -30)
Freeze (Time -80%)
Weakness: none
LV: 42
EXP: 3000
Gold ($): 1000
Drops: Fire Shot 4 (20%)
Quick's Card 4 (10%)
Species: Walker
Head: Box
Attack: Laser
Head colour: #656565
Body colour: #333333
Movement: walking


With its ridiculous speed and LP, this boss can be slightly difficult for those who haven't developed a strategy for it yet. Although its firepower does only 1 damage, it can be quite lethal over long periods of time. The good strategy to use on this boss is the bait strategy. It is very hard to dodge all the attacks, due to the boss's extremely low AGI, so it is recommended to use an Ice type weapon on it to slow down its rate of fire, preferably the Magician's Ice Meteor 4 with a Sapphire or Aquamarine for its AT and Slow percentage. It also may not matter to teams who have gotten this far, as their LP may be high enough for not using this strategy at all. Another strategy is to use a Boxer with a Mach Knuckle 3 or a Poison Knuckle 3 (with a Peridot) equipped with a Vampire's Card so the LP lost is negated by the LP gain. Any Black Crystals or Purple Crystals are another way to avoid being heavily damaged by both the Grey Box Walkers and the boss. Another Boxer weapon that may be useful is the Freeze Knuckle 4. With 20 DEX, at least 15 MAG, and a Diamond 3, this can also freeze the boss rapidly and prevent him from attacking. The Gladiator's Lightsaber 4 may also take a chunk off of its LP. It is recommended to take out the boss's minions, as they can deal heavy damage, regardless.