experience gain from enemy
player level EXP
Grey Boss Demon Stickman
65- 1
66 600
67 1200
68 1800
69 2400
70 3000
71 3600
72 4200
73 4800
74 5400
75 6000
76 5400
77 4800
78 4200
79 3600
80 3000
81 2400
82 1800
83 1200
84 600
85+ 1
Grey Boss Demon Stickman Grey Boss Demon Stickman
Location: Forest 5
LP: 120000
AT: 20-30 ×16
Minimum AGI: 50
Expected AGI: 58.86
Range: 500
Strength: Thunder (AT =1)
Fire (AT =1)
Ice (AT =1, Slow immune)
Poison (Immune)
Freeze (Time -100%)
Weakness: Physical (AT +100)
LV: 75
EXP: 6000
Gold ($): 5000
Drops: Black Crystal 6 (20%)
Silver Crystal 6 (20%)
Species: Stickman
Head: Demon
Attack: GreyBossDemonStickmanBullet
Head colour: #656565
Body colour: #FFFFFF
Movement: walking


This boss erupts out bullets even out of its Range of Sight. These can deal substantial damage to the characters, as well as the two of each enemy. The boss is weak to Physical attacks, and magic is almost completely ineffective. If the character attacking the boss is a melee, it should most likely anticipate where the bullet will land and dish out damage by dodging. Otherwise, ranged characters should not interfere with the boss's limited range of its attack. A Boxer with a Mach Claw 5 with a Critical's Card and a Berserk Card, combined with large amounts of STR, can easily destroy the boss. If a Physical weapon is not available, a Freeze type weapon will suffice.

If the Blue, Orange, and/or Yellow Roundhead Stickmen get in the way of the boss, have the three other stickmen use their respective types of weapons against them, while keeping one to attack the boss as a distraction. Once the other enemies are out, let the other characters switch back to their Physical or Freeze type weapons.

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