experience gain from enemy
player level EXP
Grey Boss Mask Fish
26- 1
27 300
28 600
29 900
30 1200
31 1500
32 1800
33 2100
34 2400
35 2700
36 3000
37 2700
38 2400
39 2100
40 1800
41 1500
42 1200
43 900
44 600
45 300
46+ 1
Grey Boss Mask Fish Grey Boss Mask Fish
Location: Submarine 4
LP: 12000
AT: Bullet: 20-40
Cloud residue: 10-20 ×9
Minimum AGI: 50
Expected AGI: 95.59
Range: 180
Strength: Freeze (Time -80%)
Weakness: Thunder (AT +100%)
LV: 36
EXP: 3000
Gold ($): 999
Drops: Explosion's Card 3 (10%)
Thunder Spirit 3 (10%)
Species: Fish
Head: Mask
Attack: Red Big BulletSM4BossCloud
Head colour: #707270
Body colour: #1A191A
Movement: swimming


This boss can be troubling due to its very high LP and its powerful attack. It shoots a very large Bullet that deals massive damage, and explodes on contact with a solid surface or character, which launches 9 clouds in a spread similar to that of a Gunner's Bazooka 2. If a character gets hit directly, it will take between 110-220 damage. The boss also has numerous Grey Mask Fish and Grey Big Mask Fish surrounding it, so the large amount of enemies might also be a problem. The boss only attacks if a character is close; however, the bullet will usually go across the screen. A Hit and Run strategy might work well against this boss, especially with a Thunder type weapon, as this boss is weak to Thunder, much like its smaller cousins. A Magician's Big Thunder 3 (assuming the player survived Mist Grove 2 to get it) with a Topaz and a Catapult's Card combination may also help due to this boss's weakness to Thunder and the Big Thunder's large amount of damage. If a player does not have one, the Magician's Thunder Storm 2, the Priest's Lightning Staff 2, and the Boxer's Poison Knuckle 3 (with a Peridot) will make short work of the boss. Swinging a melee character around it can cause the boss's attack to go in a different direction, allowing players to gain an advantage on it. It also helps to apply the dodge strategy if this boss's minions are defeated.


  • This is the largest fish boss in the game.

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