experience gain from enemy
player level EXP
Grey Boss Roundhead Snake
15- 1
16 200
17 400
18 600
19 800
20 1000
21 1200
22 1400
23 1600
24 1800
25 2000
26 1800
27 1600
28 1400
29 1200
30 1000
31 800
32 600
33 400
34 200
35+ 1
Grey Boss Roundhead Snake Grey Boss Roundhead Snake
Location: Seaside 2
LP: 5200
AT: 8-12 ×5
Minimum AGI: 30
Expected AGI: 33.98
Range: 150
Strength: Freeze (Time -80%)
Weakness: none
LV: 25
EXP: 2000
Gold ($): 900
Drops: Explosion's Card 2 (10%)
Knockback's Card 2 (10%)
Species: Snake
Head: Roundhead
Attack: Big Grey One Arrow
Head colour: #7F7F7F
Body colour: #986532
Movement: Jumping


This boss has a very strong attack, where it launches several arrows with high speed in fast succession. It also moves more quickly, unlike its walker cousin. A good way to defeat it is with a Sniper with a long range, preferably with the Oct Arrow 2 or Double Poison 2, which can be achieved by attaching a Catapult's Card 2 and a Red Stone 3. Otherwise, the Triple Shot 1 or Quint Shot 3 and about 30 STR will suffice without the boss attacking constantly. Having a Priest with a high DEX or using Ice type weapons to slow down its attack speed and movement speed can also help. Unfortunately, the Bait strategy doesn't work on it, as the projectiles fall back to the ground two seconds after being fired into the air. This is the first boss to have more LP than the Castle Boss, and it is also is one of the hardest bosses in the game because of it's level and attacks.

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