experience gain from enemy
player level EXP
Grey Boss Roundhead Walker
14- 1
15 200
16 400
17 600
18 800
19 1000
20 1200
21 1400
22 1600
23 1800
24 2000
25 1800
26 1600
27 1400
28 1200
29 1000
30 800
31 600
32 400
33 200
34+ 1
Grey Boss Roundhead Walker Grey Boss Roundhead Walker
Location: Seaside 1
LP: 4800
AT: 8-15 ×3
Minimum AGI: 30
Expected AGI: 33.98
Range: 150
Strength: Freeze (Time -80%)
Weakness: none
LV: 24
EXP: 2000
Gold ($): 900
Drops: Critical's Card 2 (10%)
Big Card 2 (10%)
Species: Walker
Head: Roundhead
Attack: Grey Spear
Head colour: #7F7F7F
Body colour: #996633
Movement: walking


Inexperienced players might find themselves in a very harsh situation with this boss, due to its quick attacks and high range. This is essentially a much stronger version of the Grey Boss Smiley Walker. Its attack is very similar to the Sniper's Triple Shot, as there are 3 arrow attacks shooting directly at the characters. A Priest with about 50 or more DEX is useful when fighting this boss to lower the damage. Another option is to have a Sniper with Triple Shot or Quint Shot and a large range, which can be achieved by using the Catapult's Card and/or raising STR, but this option will take some time due to the weapon's low AT. Since this Boss doesn't move very much, the team can stay in a safe distance, and ranged characters will have enough time to fight it down. A long-ranged Magician with Volcano 2 can work too, but the player must be alert, as the boss can still move. It is highly recommended to have more than 180 range on a ranged character, as it can attack several times while not having to worry about the character's sudden movement for a time. Also, the bait strategy is possible by waving a character over the boss from side to side. An Ice type weapon is extremely recommended to lower the boss's firing rate, as the result without one can cause a heavy loss of gold due to revivals. A White Stone 2 is also helpful when fighting this boss, regardless of the weapons used.