experience gain from enemy
player level EXP
Grey Boss Smiley Walker
1 300
2 350
3 400
4 450
5 500
6 450
7 400
8 350
9 300
10 250
11 200
12 150
13 100
14 50
15+ 1
Grey Boss Smiley Walker Grey Boss Smiley Walker
Location: Opening Street
LP: 500
AT: 1-3 ×10
Minimum AGI: 10
Expected AGI: 69.29
Range: 120
Strength: Freeze (Time -80%)
Weakness: none
LV: 5
EXP: 500
Gold ($): 100
Drops: Triple Shot 1 (33.33%)
Mach Punch 1 (20%)
Iron Medal 1 (10%)
Species: Walker
Head: Smiley
Attack: Grey Pellet
Head colour: #7F7F7F
Body colour: #996633
Movement: walking


Bait Opening Street Boss

Four priests are fighting against the Grey Boss Smiley Walker in the Opening Street by using the bait strategy. The red arrows are showing the direction in which the pellets are moving. The two pellets which get closest to the bait are still going to miss.

While this boss is not able to move fast, it has a hefty amount of health and is able to shoot an arc of 10 pellets at characters within its range, making it hard for an inexperienced team to conquer this boss. Many attempt to use one ranged character to fire a few shots before moving out of the way of the Grey Boss Smiley's projectiles. This method is time consuming, but it will eventually bring the Boss down. The Triple Shot is highly effective in killing the boss for inexperienced parties due to its long range. The Bait strategy may seem useful when taking this boss on, but if you use this strategy, be sure to use a melee character. The melee character would be targeted anyway, due to melee attack distance. If one uses a ranged character to bait, however, it would be useless, seeing that the distance you would have to be at to avoid being shot with all the pellets would be more than a melee character attack range. A Sniper focused purely on STR will be able to fire outside its range, making this a good tactic for fighting this boss. A White Stone is also useful to allow characters to take more hits before they die. Players should avoid letting inexperienced melee characters fight this boss, since they will take most of the damage from the spread attack of the boss. It is the first enemy in the game to both have multiple attack projectiles and drop medals. A stronger version of this boss, the White Boss Smiley Walker, can be found in Cavern 1. That boss has more LP and an increased AT. In addition, the pellets can roll on terrain.

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