experience gain from enemy
player level EXP
Grey Boss Triangle Tree
69- 1
70 800
71 1600
72 2400
73 3200
74 4000
75 4800
76 5600
77 6400
78 7200
79 8000
80 7200
81 6400
82 5600
83 4800
84 4000
85 3200
86 2800
87 1600
88 800
89+ 1
Grey Boss Triangle Tree Grey Boss Triangle Tree
Location: Hell 2
LP: 180000
AT: 1-33
Minimum AGI: 4
Expected AGI: 6.99
Range: 500
Strength: Thunder (AT =1)
Freeze (Time -100%)
Weakness: none
LV: 79
EXP: 8000
Gold ($): 5000
Drops: Long Sword's Card 6 (10%)
Species: Tree
Head: Triangle
Attack: H2BossAT
Head colour: #323232
Body colour: #FFEE00
Movement: no movement


This boss is essentially a combination of the Green Big Diamond Tree and the Yellow Big Coconut Snake. It shoots homing spikes towards characters constantly and with incredibly little delay. This enemy can prove highly damaging due to its incredible rate of fire, and absolutely no cover to hide behind to avoid the spikes. The best way to deal with it is to use a high-LP character (preferably with a Black Crystal 6 and a Purple Crystal 6 equipped) to bait the boss's shots, utilizing the Onigiri dropped by the 50 White Triangle Germs with it to heal off damage. Slowing it down with an Ice type weapon is also recommended in order to slow down its rapid-fire attacks, although the characters will still be in a constant barrage of spikes. Poison type weapons and especially the Poison Spirit can help take a large chunk of LP off of this boss.


  • This boss has the lowest minimum AGI out of any enemy in the game, with a minimum AGI of 4.

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