experience gain from enemy
player level EXP
Grey Triangle Walker
65- 1
66 80
67 160
68 240
69 320
70 400
71 480
72 560
73 640
74 720
75 800
76 720
77 640
78 560
79 480
80 400
81 320
82 240
83 160
84 80
85+ 1
Grey Triangle Walker Grey Triangle Walker
Location: Hell 1
LP: 25000
AT: Bullet:0-0
Fire residue:3-5 (Burn 5%) ×9
Minimum AGI: 250
Expected AGI: 268.34
Range: 500
Strength: none
Weakness: none
LV: 75
EXP: 800
Gold ($): 200
Drops: Garnet 6 (5%)
Species: Walker
Head: Triangle
Attack: GreyTriangleWalkerBulletM2CommonFireAT
Head colour: #323232
Body colour: #882200
Movement: walking


This enemy shoots a harmless bullet in a high arch which pierces characters, and explodes into 9 fire clouds when it hits the terrain, like the Gunner's M9 Grenade 6. This enemy can be fairly dangerous, as it has an incredible range, and the flames left by the bullet are close together and can rapidly deal damage. Having a melee character get into attack range and using the dodge strategy is the best way to take them out, preferably with a status-inducing weapon.

Another strategy to defeat them is to take advantage of the bullet doing no damage via the bait strategy. Placing a character high in the air slightly in front of the other party members cause the Walker to aim towards that character, but will be unable to deal damage as a result of the bullet itself dealing none. The bullets will also fly over the other characters' heads, as a result of the high arc they fly in towards the bait. Care must be taken to ensure the bait remains in the optimal position to both direct the walker's attacks, and ensure the attacks will not strike the other characters. Just be mindful of the White Triangle Stickmen and the occasional Orange Triangle Stickman.

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