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Good Weapon + Compo Combinations

Super Slowdown

Weapon: Ice Spike 5 (For newbies use Ice 1, mid-levels use Icicle 3)

Compo: Aquamarine

Using this combo allows up to a 60% slow. This is good at strategic boss fights.

Laser Guided Beam

Weapon: Laser Beam Gun 4 (For newbies use Laser Gun 2)

Compo: Guide's Card

This allows the beam to hit a ton of enemies.

Long Shot

Weapon: Sniper Rifle 3 (For newbies use Rifle 1) (For near end-game use Hunting Gun 5)

Compo: Catapult's Card

An excellent weapon for outranging.

Homing Ray Of Pwnage

Weapon: Atomic Ray 5

Compo: Guide's Card 5

Can cause epic pwnage in indoor stages.

Volcano Xtreme

Weapon: Super Volcano 4 (For newbies use Volcano 2)

Compo: Ruby + Garnet

The flames do more damage with these gems equipped.


Weapon: Wooden Sword 5

Compo: Long Sword Card 5

This sword has THE largest range possible (Range 65!). Might want to purchase the 85,000 Gold version and collect a Red Crystal 5 (The Wooden Sword has low AT).

Blast Punch

Weapon: Charge Punch 5

Compo: Blue Stone 5 + Ruby 4 (If heavy MAG user go Ruby 4 + Bullet's Card 5) (If 8,500 version use Blue Stone 5)

The blue stone will help with charging and the Ruby will cause the blast to be more powerful.

Flaming Ball Of Death

Weapon: Fire Chakram 5

Compo: Ruby 4 + Garnet 4

50 mag with this can kill. 75 even more.

Enemy Blaster

Weapon: Scattergun 5

Compo: Critical's Card 5 + Bullet's Card 4

Very devastating if you know how to use it right.

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