A basic superball gun firing.

Guns are very common upload types (often more popular with newer and otherwise inexperienced users) and simple technology in Powder Game and Powder Game 2. A gun is very simple, and often consist of a block chamber in the shape of a generic gun, such as a pistol or assault rifle. They may sometimes be in the shape of other objects, such as helicopters or tanks. Guns usually have explosive elements inside one portion of an open chamber, and another open chamber connected to the first where the projectile, generally superball or box, is placed so that when the explosive element detonated, they will be propelled out of the gun. These chambers may be separated by a non-reactive solid such as metal in order to prevent the explosive elements from leaking out or possibly igniting the projectiles.

Gun uploads generally receive a modest to low amount of votes, simply due to their relative-unoriginality, and simplicity. Sometimes, users upload large compilations of different types of guns separated by block boarders that can be activated by the viewer. In certain uploads, the player can can copy and paste guns and other tools into a player course. Most guns are single-use technologies, and must be reloaded with the save-load feature, or even require new ammunition to be copy and pasted into the chamber by the player. However, some guns use clone to replace the propellant and ammunition to create an auto-reloading gun.

Types of Guns

  • Superball Gun: Uses Nitro or other explosives to propel superballs.
  • Fireworks Gun: Generally collides fireworks with torch by using explosives or fan to ignite them before they are propelled out of the gun.
  • Shotgun: Usually includes a trigger that can be dragged to ignite nitro, in turn shooting short bursts of superball.
  • Earth Gun: A creative but extremely rare manipulation of a gun that fires seed from one barrel and powder from another, which will then collide to produce wood.
  • Air Cannon: Very similar to the laser uploads, it creates an explosion or beam of wind that blows down a wall of ice or any type of powder without actually firing a projectile.
  • Laser Gun: The simplest of guns, it requires only fan, a wheel, and some lasers, or simply clone and laser.
  • Flamethrower: A gun that blasts gas, oil, or boxes into torch or other lighter elements, creating a stream of flames.
  • Box Cannon: A gun that uses an explosive such as gunpowder or nitro to launch a box, usually pen-s 1 to 3, over long distances, sometimes igniting the box in the process.

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