The Hit and Run strategy is a strategy that can be applied in the game Stick Ranger. The goal is to keep the characters mainly outside of the enemies attack range and to avoid any damage. This enemy's attack range is only entered to do one or a few hits. As soon it gets dangerous for the character, he should be dragged away from the enemy into safety. This strategy may prove to be very simple and easy to apply, but it also might be time consuming. The Hit and Run strategy is most effective on ground and/or slow enemies.

Character Classes and Weapons

The Hit and Run strategy can be applied with any character class. However for some enemy types only ranged classes work. With ranged characters the strategy can be applied to most enemies. Exceptions are enemies with a very fast ranged attack. In any case it's a good choice to use a strong weapon which causes lot's of damage with just one or only a few attacks. Therefore weapons with a long lasting effect, like poison or fire work well with the strategy.


Weapons with the type Poison can be used next to the strategy. Once in the character's range, the character attack should be executed. When the enemy is attacking, drag away the character to avoid damage taken. Repeat if necessary.


Weapons with the type Fire work similar to Poison for the Hit and Run strategy. When the character is placed next to the enemy, drag away the character to avoid damage taken. Repeat if necessary. However Fire doesn't work well for flying or swimming enemies, since most Fire attacks drops to the ground.


Enemies with a direct melee attack

Many enemies use a direct melee attack, for instance mainly Smiley or Roundhead Walkers, many Snakes, and many Wheels. For those enemies the Hit and Run strategy is not recommended for melee fighters. Be warned though: the character that is the subject of the strategy might take damage. Ranged characters won't have huge problems.

Trees and Mushrooms

Drag the character near the base of the enemy. While at the base, the character attacks the enemy. Once enemy projectiles are near, the character should quickly be dragged away from the enemy. While some tree and mushrooms can be easily outranged, others are dealt with the best by this strategy, like the Purple Boss Cap Mushroom.

Flying enemies

The Hit and Run strategy can also be applied for flying enemies, like Bats or Dragons. However melee classes are not suited for fighting against flying enemies. Also consider that flying enemies might move quickly towards the character, leaving no safe space for the escape.

Enemies with a fast ranged attack

For enemies which have a very fast ranged attack, for instance the Grey Boss Roundhead Walker in Seaside 1, the Hit and Run strategy is nearly not applicable. Try to consider another strategy or to outrange the enemy.

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