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3D Laser Cube! by 1kpoints

The hologram is a rare type of upload or technology on Powder Game and Powder Game 2, consisting of a 2-D or 3-D projection of an image using laser. The hologram is usually maintained using a certain BG that will make the laser look permanent. Effective BGs for doing this with are: BG-shade, BG-blur, BG-track or for an interesting effect, try BG-TG.

The hologram effect is essentially a laser course that takes on a 3-D shape.

Holograms usually get a medium amount of votes. Generally, the more complex the hologram, the more votes it will get.


  • Make a few laser emitters (clone surrounded by metal frame with one hole) and place some metal mirrors to reflect the lasers into the hologram's shape.
  • Set BG-shade, BG-blur, or BG-track.
  • Set Speed x8.
  • Remember, the hologram gives the image displayed the appearance of being 3-dimensional.

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