Hyperspeed effect is a special effect that is made in Earth Editor. It looks like the picture on the right. The Hyperspeed effect resembles fictional hyperspace and starlines that are a part of many science fiction shows and movies.

How to make a Hyperspeed effect

  1. Put a few white holes near the center of the playing field.
  2. Left click water and right click salt.
  3. Set the pen size to 9.
  4. Hold down both buttons at once.
  5. For best results, put on BG-long.

This effect can also be achieved through the use of clone surrounding the white hole, however, far less elements are produced, meaning the effect will not look as realistic.

Powder Game 2

A similar effect can be achieved in Powder Game 2. This is done by removing block borders, setting gravity to "off," then following the previously mentioned steps. The only downside of this is that white hole forms a 4x4 block instead of a single dot, and is thus less attractive in practice.

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