experience gain from enemy
player level EXP
Ice Castle Boss
60- 1
61 800
62 1600
63 2400
64 3200
65 4000
66 4800
67 5600
68 6400
69 7200
70 8000
71 7200
72 6400
73 5600
74 4800
75 4000
76 3200
77 2800
78 1600
79 800
80+ 1
Ice Castle Boss Ice Castle Boss
Location: Ice Castle
LP: 250000
AT: Spear: 25-50 ×2 (1s)
Bullet: 100-200
Cloud residue: 8-8 ×15
Minimum AGI: Spear: 50
Bullet: 25
Expected AGI: Spear: 58.86
Bullet: 33.86
Range: Spear: 500
Bullet: 100
Strength: Ice (AT=1, Slow immune)
Freeze (Time -100%)
Weakness: none
LV: 70
EXP: 8000
Gold ($): 8000
Drops: Ice Spirit 1 (10%)
Ice Spirit 2 (10%)
Ice Spirit 3 (10%)
Species: Spider
Head: Diamond
Attack: ICBossSpear
Head colour: #232327
Body colour: #4B3E21
Movement: Walking


This mega boss has two attacks like the previous three: a bullet that deals great damage and produces 15 clouds which deal additional damage, and 2 freezing spears which are shot at fixed angles, have enough range to cover the entire screen, and reflect off terrain. The bullets can be deadly for melee characters if they cannot dodge the bullet on time. As with the Submarine Shrine Boss, Freeze Charms are strongly recommended. A way to beat this boss is to use the Dodge strategy with any character with high enough DPS, such as a Boxer or Angel. However, both melee and ranged characters run into some kind of obstacle; Melee characters must be careful around the bullets, as they deal massive damage. On the other hand, ranged characters must constantly dodge the freezing arrows. A Knockback's Card 4 on a Sniper or a Magician with a Thunder Orb can be helpful to keep the boss at a great distance, so that players only need to think of dodging the arrows, which have nearly identical paths as the boss is cornered by the knockback effect. Unlike other mega bosses, this one is almost completely immune to Ice attacks. Thunder and Poison type weapons are best against this boss, especially the Sniper's Indra Arrow 6 and the Boxer's Poison Claw 5 with a high-level Peridot. An ONIGIRI's Card can also be incredibly useful for fast attackers by spawning large amounts of Onigiri for constant LP recovery, reducing the need for revivals.


  • This enemy has the third largest amount of LP in the game, alongside the Brown Boss Box Germ, the Red Boss Box Wheel and the Pink Boss Triangle Snake. It is behind the White Boss Skull Stickman (HG), at 300,000, and the Hell Castle Boss at 999,999.
  • This is the first enemy which has different levels of the same compo item as drops.
  • This is the first mega boss whose head and species were encountered before the previous mega boss.
  • This is the first mega boss to have another immunity besides Freeze.
  • This is the first mega boss not to have a fire attack.
  • This is the first mega boss that doesn't drop any cards, thus the first megaboss to not drop a level of the Vampire's Card.
  • This megaboss's battle has a much different feel overall than the previous three. The previous megabosses have an attack that are generally weak and easy to ignore, and another dangerous attack that is more threatening. This megaboss however, fills up the entire room with a fairly dangerous attack which are not focused on specific characters until they get too close, where the boss will start using the bullets.