An empty inventory.

The Inventory is the place where a player stores his items in Stick Ranger. It is a space at the bottom right of the screen, and consists of 24 boxes (6 by 4) arranged in a rectangular fashion, with the word "ITEM" written above the set of boxes.

Compo items and weapons are stored in this area.


Up to 24 items may be stored in the inventory. Once this limit has been reached, a player may no longer pick up any more compo items or weapons (in which the items or weapons will bounce away from the characters) until there is space in the inventory.

For weapons: regardless of the number of compo items attached to a weapon, it will always consume exactly one inventory space. All wielded weapons do not count towards inventory space.

Adding items to inventory

Compo items and weapons are automatically stored in the inventory upon contact with a character in the game screen. When a weapon is removed from a character, it can be placed in the inventory by clicking on an empty inventory slot.

Removing items from inventory

Items are removed from the inventory by clicking on them. The item will then follow the mouse, at which point is said to be "dragged".

Dropping items

Items that are dragged and dropped onto the game screen (by clicking on the game screen) will be dropped on the floor. This can only be done in a stage. They can be picked up again by contact with a character, or discarded by exiting the level (items left in the level will vanish upon exiting the level).

Selling items

Items that are dragged and dropped onto the "sell" button in the Shop are considered "sold". These items will disappear, and money will be given in exchange.


The inventory size was originally 15 boxes (5 by 3). This was increased to 24 (6 by 4) in V2.2 (BETA).

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