Irritation Stickman is a Dan-Ball app game released in 19 October, 2012. It is essentially the Irritation Stickman imported into the mobile systems.


The gameplay and the available stages are almost the same as the Web Game version. Players uses touch controls to drag the stickmen towards the goal. However, the mobile version requires players to beat the first level of each stage to unlock the second level and the second level to unlock the third. Also, during gameplay, only one stickman can be dragged at a time and the game can be paused by tapping the Goal sign.

Title Screen Interface

In the title screen, each level shows 4 icons above the level number. The first icon is the Goal sign which lights up if the player has completed the level. The middle two is the Medal and Coin icon which lights if the player completes the stage while collecting all the Medals/Coins in one game at least once. The last one is a stickman icon which lights if the player manages to move every stickman in the stage to the goal in one game. Finally, the level number will turn gold if the player manages to achieve all the above in one go.


iOS version

  • Irritation Stickman (AG) ver1.3 - 21/02/14
    • iOS 7 compatibility.
  • Irritation Stickman (AG) ver1.2 - 12/05/13
    • Bug fix.
  • Irritation Stickman (AG) ver1.1 - 03/05/13
    • iPhone 5 support. Bug fix.
  • Irritation Stickman (AG) ver1.0 - 17/08/12
    • Game creation.

Android version

  • Irritation Stickman (AG) ver1.0 - 19/04/13
    • Android support.

Kindle version

  • Irritation Stickman (AG) ver1.0 - 26/04/13
    • Kindle Fire/Kindle Fire HD support.

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