Hell 5
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Forget Tree
Blood Lake

The Island is a stage in Stick Ranger which is located on a small island on the east side of the map. The stage itself is similar to the Village and other stages such as the Town. Like all other "Town" stages, this stage consists of only one level, with no enemies present in said level. The level contains three important features: the Inn, the Compo Shop, and the Book.


The Inn heals the characters and restores all their LP in exchange for gold. It works in the same way as the Inn in all other Town-like locations.

For further details see main article: Inn

Compo Shop

At the Compo Shop, players can sell items and buy compo items with gold. Unlike the Village Compo Shop, which only sells LV 1 of each unique compo, this Compo Shop sells all Charms and Spirits up to their maximum LV, Stones up to LV 6, Crystals, Jewels and Cards up to LV 5, and LV 5 Medals. The exceptions are the Poison Spirit 4, Ice Spirit 4, Heal's Cards, Vampire's Cards, ONIGIRI's Card 1, Gold rush Card 1, Zombie's Card 4, and all LV 6 Crystals and Jewels, as they are either special compos, compos that are missing levels (such as the Vampire's Card, where there is not a LV 2 card), or compos with a LV 6 counterpart while the rest are up to LV 5. (Such as the Ring's Card).

For further details see main article: Shop


Just like in all other Town-like stages, the Book functions as an enemy encyclopedia where the player can view the stats and drops of all enemies within a stage beaten by the player.

For further details see main article: Book


  • The Island was implemented in ver15.3.


  • Like the weapons, the compo items from Mountaintop cannot be bought.
  • This is the only Town-like stage where it is branched off another stage without the stage's pathway being completely off the main path. Previous Towns required players to go through a series of stages off the main path (such as the Village, which requires the player going through the first Forest and Cavern sections, which are off of the Grasslands area, before getting there). The Island, however, is connected to Hell 5, and that stage also opens Hell 6 upon completion.

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