The characters' LP

Life Points (or LP for short) determines the health of a character (or enemy) in Stick Ranger. It is represented in the form X/Y, with X being the current LP and Y being the maximum LP of the character.

When a character has 0 LP left, the character will die. If all four characters are reduced to 0 LP, the game is over. When that happens, the game will return to the main screen with no penalties - the savefile is retained, and revives all characters with 1 LP.

Enemy LP can be viewed by buying the Book for a specific stage.

Replenishing LP

  • Onigiri: when consumed, allow a character to regain 20% of its maximum LP. However, it cannot be used when the character is dead.
  • Inn: restores the LP of all characters, dead or alive, to the maximum.
  • Revival: restores 25% of maximum LP of a dead character.
  • Vampire's Card
  • Heal's Card

Increasing maximum LP

  • Investing SP into LP increases the maximum LP of the character by 10 for melee classes (Boxer/Gladiator/Whipper) and the Angel, and 8 for the remaining classes.
    • Investing SP into other stats will also increase maximum LP, albeit at a lower rate. Details are given in each of the main articles about the classes.
  • Attaching a White Stone to a weapon.
    • Similarly, attaching any stone will increase maximum LP, although White Stone is the most effective at this.
  • Attaching a Zombie's Card to a weapon increase the maximum LP by 50%.
  • Attaching a Ring's Card (LV 2 or above) to a ring.

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