Labyrinth of Red and Blue is an app game by Dan-Ball released on 30 September, 2011.

Game play

In the game, players need to move the boy in the labyrinth by tapping on the four direction buttons. A level is completed when the boy reaches the girl. If the boy is trapped, or if a monster gets into the same space as the boy, it's game over. If the player completes a level within a certain amount of steps, a medal will be given.


  • Coloured switches closes all open doors and opens all closed doors of that colour. Switches with two colours will affect doors of both colours.
  • A key unlocks all doors with a lock.
  • The monster moves a single square each time the boy moves. They only move in the direction they are facing and turns backwards when they approach the wall. Monsters never trigger any switches despite the fact that they can step on squares with switches. The boy cannot move into a space occupied by a monster.

Steps needed for medal

Wood House
LV Required steps
1 3
2 5
3 18
4 8
5 13
Rock Cave
LV Required steps
1 9
2 8
3 11
4 13
5 15
Marble Castle
LV Required steps
1 4
2 14
3 16
4 24
5 21
Monster Fort
LV Required steps
1 7
2 6
3 8
4 14
5 21


iOS version

  • Labyrinth of Red and Blue ver1.2 - 22/11/13
    • Sound effect addition. iOS 7 support. iPad support. Retina display support.
  • Labyrinth of Red and Blue ver1.1 - 11/11/11
    • Stage addition (Monster Fort).
  • Labyrinth of Red and Blue ver1.0 - 30/9/11
    • Game creation.

Android version

  • Labyrinth of Red and Blue ver1.0 - 25/10/13
    • Android support.

Kindle version

  • Labyrinth of Red and Blue ver1.0 - 25/10/13
    • Kindle Fire/Kindle Fire HD support.


  • Minimizing the game on Android on any stages other than Wood House stages and then reopening it makes the current stage name show up as "Wood House". The layout is still the same as the original stage but with Wood House's graphics. If this is done on stages with monsters the monster will appear hidden.

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