A landscape is the shape of a stage in Stick Ranger. When used with a tileset, a whole level can be recreated.


Landscapes are most often used in Stick Ranger. A landscape can be used with multiple tilesets, but only one can be used at a time. A landscape is normally shown with a tileset already applied, but it can be shown without one. A landscape can include water in its design.

Stages with identical landscapes

There are 12 types of landscapes in Stick Ranger. Most stages share a landscape with another, but with a different tileset.

Town levels, most boss levels, Castle, Submarine Shrine, Mountaintop: 5, Frozen Lake, !!! and Hell Castle all have the same flat landscape, while Cavern 1-3 boss levels, Pyramid, and Ice Castle have flat landscapes with flat ceilings. Cavern 4-8 boss levels and Mountaintop: 9 have curved landscapes with curved ceilings.


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