Landscape Generator

A simple landscape generator using crystal-charged clone balls.

A landscape generator is a fairly new and extremely simple type of technology and upload on Powder Game and Powder Game 2. A landscape generator generally consists of several clone balls charged with various elements, that, when start is pressed, fall leaving a trail of said element and thus drawing patterns reminiscent of a landscape, generally mountainous ranges.

Because of how effortlessly they can be created, landscape generators are commonly considered the simplest of all upload types, and are extremely easy to duplicate, often not even requiring the use of scale or pen-s 0. Landscape generators are also highly popular among newer and less-experienced Powder Game players, and are a common first or second upload. Because of these factors, landscape generators generally receive few votes when uploaded.


Landscape generators generally use a wide variety of elements, all of which are usually solid (or at least semi-solid) and non-reactive. Each element may behave differently, and is used to represent a different aspect of "land." The most commonly-used elements include:

  • Metal
    • Metal gives a very plain look, generally of rock.
  • Vine
    • Vine is used to spread to other elements and often represents vegetation.
  • Crystal
    • Unlike other elements, a crystal-charged clone ball will fall sideways, drawing a slanted line, generally representing mountains.
  • Fuse
    • Fuse is generally used to represent plain dirt.

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