Laser Pyramid by Killer5005 - upload based on laser's ability to reflect off metal

A laser is a fairly common type of upload and technology in the Powder Game and Powder Game 2. Lasers are divided into three types: regular lasers using the actual element, air lasers, and thunder lasers. Most lasers are built to meet several goals:

  • Accuracy: A laser should be able to hit its target.
  • Power: A laser should be powerful. The most powerful air lasers can generally move stone fast enough to turn into powder or sand in Powder Game 2.
  • Straightness: A laser should not go askew. If the user sees a single brown line (On BG-Line) from the barrel of an air laser, it is generally considered a poor-quality laser.
  • Durability: A laser should remain operational for a long period of time, or indefinitely.

Lasers are often uploaded as standalone uploads, simply because they generate far to much wind, or are just to large to be created in the company of another fairly large creation. Despite this, lasers generally gain a medium to large amount of votes, depending on their efficiency and complexity.

Regular Lasers

Regular laser uploads make extensive use of the element laser. Usually they contain a large amount of mirrors (usually made from metal, mercury and/or glass) to create visually interesting patterns. Some uploads also include various kinds of recreations of lasers with other elements.

Air laser

Air laser by coolcatz

Crazycatz's "air laser" as seen here destroying layers of ice.

Air lasers (also known as air cannons) are the first and original upload type which became known as a "Laser upload", simply because the real laser and thunder elements were implemented at a later point in time. An air laser is usually a contraption powered by fan used to move or destroy something (often non-solids, nitro buttons, or ice). This was the most often used method to simulate a laser before the real element laser was implemented in Powder Game ver5.5.

Air lasers often use BG-line for a number of reasons. The first, being that BG-line can show the exact direction of wind so advertise the fact that the laser may be perfectly straight. The second reason, is that the lines from BG-line can actually look like a projectile in the form of a laser instead of nothing in the case of BG-non.

Thunder laser

Thunder Laser

A thunder laser.

A rarer variation on the regular laser without using wind power or the element laser is the thunder laser. Thunder lasers are often used in thunder courses, base defend uploads, and glitch uploads. If a dot of thunder is placed at certain points, it creates a line of thunder which can then be used as a "laser". The points are: X246;Y14, X314;Y6, X290;Y29, X178;Y22, X222;Y38, X110;Y30, X154;Y45, X18;Y62, X85;Y54, X61;Y77, X130;Y70, X46;Y146, X114;Y138, X366;Y65, X386;Y105, X342;Y90, X373;Y113, X274;Y97, X250;Y121, X206;Y106, X182;Y130, X246;Y146, X158;Y154, X90;Y162, X66;Y185, X22;Y170, X142;Y222, X50;Y254, X26;Y278, X94;Y270, X118;Y247, X162;Y262, X186;Y238, X210;Y214, X302;Y182, X276;Y205, Y254;Y230, ;X238;Y298, X306;Y290, X274;Y282, X322;Y222, X346;Y198, X370;Y170. These lasers are all shown in Thunder Thing Gamma by Epsilon.

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