Laser Effect

This shows the Laser Effect.

A laser effect is a type of visual illusion in Earth Editor. A laser effect is comprised of a continuous source of fire placed over top of a black hole surrounded thickly by ice. When start is pressed, the fire will fall into the ice and melt it, similarly to laser and ice in Powder Game or Powder Game 2.

As the fire falls towards the center of the black hole, the width of the "laser" will decrease. When the fire passes the center, the width will begin to increase until it is pulled back in by the gravity of the black hole. This can be used to create an interesting hour-glass shape, the width of which depends on the proximity to the black hole and the pen-size used.

How to

  • Select Pen-S 9, and Pen-Zero.
  • Place around the default Black Hole in the center of the screen in a circular form, until the dot value is around 36000.
  • Select fire.
  • Place the fire outside of the "ice ball", holding the left or right mouse button.
  • For best results, select BG-Long or BG-Shade so the fire dots will blur together as they fall.

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